Expert advice. Highly personalised service.

We understand that every client’s circumstances are unique, and that financial goals and lifestyle circumstances change. We pride ourselves on providing a highly personalised service, and building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust.

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What fees will I be charged?

The fee structure applying to a particular engagement of services will differ depending on the type and manner which services are provided. Advice preparation fees are generally charged on an hourly consultancy rate. For ongoing investment management of assets, fees are determined by applying a percentage to the asset base. For example, our Takeover Target Strategy charges a base fee of 1.1%, whereas the Beulah Balanced Strategy charges a base fee of 0.66%. All costs associated with our advice are disclosed in writing, prior to finalizing the terms of service.

What is a custodian & what are the benefits?

Unless you invest directly via the company issuing the stock, most people invest and hold shares via a custodian. Securities are held and the custodian is responsible for the safety of the assets being held by the investor. In addition to holding securities securely, custodians also offer a range of administration services including transaction, settlement of purchases, collection of dividends, interest payments and tax reporting.

Who owns my assets if I invest with Beulah?

When you invest into one of Beulah’s investment strategies, a custodian holds the legal title to any shares purchased, however the beneficial interest in the shares remains with you as the investor. Reporting facilities through a custodian provide for online access, reporting and trading facilities, which provide transparency as to your portfolio’s holdings.

How do I invest with Beulah Capital?

Depending on the level of service required, clients can choose the level of involvement they desire. Some clients wish to have an active role in decisions being made such as asset allocation, share purchasing, participation in buy-backs and other ongoing activities.

Others prefer to outsource investment decisions to our in-house advisory team. This service is tailored towards clients that do not have a strong knowledge of investment markets, portfolio construction, experience with investing, or simply lack the time to manage their financial affairs effectively.

How is Beulah different from a larger financial institution?

Beulah holds its own financial services license (AFSL 330951) which means we are not beholden to other larger financial institutions. We are genuinely free to pursue whatever is in our client’s best interests, and we pride ourselves in having long term relationships with our clients. Key advisers at Beulah are shareholders in the firm and the focus is on personalised client service, rather than pursuing institutional objectives such as building funds under management.